Friday, March 11, 2011

the Perfect.....

Okay so i went to check out the' dream' studio today......everything was perfect:::the size, the locale, the sunlight thru the windows, the i said perfect!!!!

I decided to spruce up, you know like look professional:::giggle - so i wore my new favourites 'kitschy with a hint of plaid'....i picked up this necklace was just so glitz...I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! So knowing me i just wear it around the house...and do to the housework!!

But then, all of a sudden i felt like i was booking a flight - you know when you see a good deal, everything seems great and then you start to booking process and WHAMOooo the cost of your flight has multiplied by 10!!!! Needless to say....i'm back on the hunt for a workspace!!

So i tootled off home a little heart broken and finished off these lil guys - 'Aviator Blues' and some other hats that i'm taking to the market.

And here is a glimpse of what i'm trying to finish off in between orders, studio hunting and making extra goodies for the markets.....i think she'll be named ' in the night garden' Busy Jones - she is mainly dark: greys and blues tones, BUT then has these splashes of colour...which totally remind me of walking through a fresh spring time garden by the evening light!
Bye bye for now

Little jj

life lesson 231::: always save your photos to your computer!! That way when you have taken the most PERFECT photos.....when you press the wrong won't lose them and have to take the all over again!!!

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  1. Ooh I hate it when you think you have a great deal, and then they start adding in all the extras.... gah. LOVE the aviator hats :-) x