Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So me and the beau got a great offer over the some dog sitting up at the ski hill!!!! Ummm alright then!!! It was really great to get away actually, get some fresh air in the brain cells and to really relax - i think you just need to be away from your home to do that!!!

We had all intentions to go snowboarding....but....well ::: there would be no soft landings -so we did some 'not so extremo' snowshoeing instead!!!

And we did have 4 mutts to exercise.....


home to drink some deliciously dangerous coffee and watch crappy movies!!!

This week i finally got around to making some Waste Wonderful wristlets...called
Vintage VioletsA supa cool broad that i had met in the summer at the markets had contacted me recently....and she was really in the need of some purpley/bluesy kinda girly combo in the wristlet of course i said 'for sure'!!!
Well let me tells ya...when someone asks for a certain something.......nothing pops out at you....i was trying and trying....but it just wasn't creatively working - and it just wasn't her!!
But, always the way- when you are right in the middle of something else.....the fabrics pretty much jump off the shelf and then you just want to get right into it::: like RIGHT NOW!
Okay, this auto inspired supa sturdy wristlet, was actually made from a vintage curtain....Blues, purples and cars...what more could a girl desire!!! The back side is made from a kitschy upcycled bluesy plaid!! Whilst the lining - is a beautifully thick lilac upcycled cotton (Mmmm that was also a curtain!!). She is finished off with an lilac zip and organic cotton labels. Some interfacing and upcycled padding is keep your goodies safe
Righto - bye bye for now
Little jj
ps::: I ended up getting my 'dreamy studio' - i'm picking up the keys tomorrow!!!!!! FINALLY the search and stress is over!!! phhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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