Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flyin' High

So i picked up this cool fabric a while back....and i thought...i just gots to use it before its summer...its WAY too cute to sit there for another season!!!!
And all i could think of was......'airports' when i looked at it - well maybe an airport way back in the day !
anyways....this cute lil character was made from Horace's trouser (Horace was a very quiet lil ol' man who liked to wear LOUD clothing....and definitely wore clothes from the era he was happiest!!)
The kitschy brim has been stiffened with layers of upcycled canvas, whilst the underside...Mmmmm a yummy upcycled thick dark denim!!
So to keep it in the Aviator theme...I made some delicious bias binding out of a deep blue upcycled linen and appliqued an retro styled arrow!!!
And the lining::: well it matches perfectly of course!!! With a band of cozy grey jersey for a comfortable fit..
Anyways will be adding a couple of these guys to the shop tomorrow!!!

Oh and i just got confirmation today....that Sparky has approval from the government to run a very small manufacturing company of that studio i looked at!!!! (i'm going to look at it tomorrow i'll take my camera!!)

Bye bye for now
Little jj

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