Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Crossing

Yeppers i haven't written much of late hey!!!

Well truth be known.......I have been looking to move Sparky's headquarters( plus trying to get ready for this supa cool market at the end of the month) .... so after much searching, phoning and zoning(permits that is)........i think i've found the perfect space!!!! and its just around the corner from here....which is great considering the number of trips i'm going to have to do!!!

Anyways amidst the craziness i managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the States....yeppers its my first time crossing the border (which is pretty bad considering i've been here for 11 years!)....and let me tells ya i was quite the trip!!!

I was totally pumped, not only was i going on a roadtrip, i was going to a different country and on the most beautiful day......sunny n' still (even tho i must have passed this view point a million times....i just had to take a touristy snap!-i was on Vacation!!!)

So we went to the little town just across the border for some groceries, gas and to visit the famous 'Taco Truck'. But to be honest with you....i couldn't stop laughing n' staring.....everything just seemed so different...the people even looked/sounded different(there was a lot of mullets...and not just on the men!!WOooowZa)
and as i am in love with cool is this sign....and vehicle for that matter!!!

After we completed our 3 missions, we crossed back over to Canada.. yet without ease!!! We were asked many questions, had to empty our pockets and bags and had a vehicle search. The officer came back and informed my beau that he had found something of concern in our truck!!! HOly diner that is not what you want to hear at a border crossing....and especially not for 2 little nerds like ourselves!!!!

Let me tells ya..never leave a lighter in your jacket pocket after lighting the BBQ the night before....coz when you tell an officer you don't smoke anything and then they find a lighter in your are going to come across as a big fat liar!!! And just coz you are sweating like a maniac....doesn't mean your guilty!!!

So they had to do some tests (or should i say a tummy churning longest 3 minutes ever) on this 'illegal substance ' they had found in the truck, but the silly thing is...even tho you know there would be nothing to worry about....its amazing how many stories that an over active imagination can come up with!!!!

The results came back........................................................................................

it was broccoli!!!!

My beau had done some food shopping a while back and decided not to get plastic bags, so apparently there was dried up bits of broccoli dispersed all over the back seat!!!

I think the officer was trying not to giggle. But did say perhaps it would be better to vacuum before crossing over next time!!!!
So we drove back in a 'been thru a highly stressful situ' coma and passed that view point again........still as beautiful don't you think!!!

Just some of the loot i brought back......i think i have been in a suga hangover since!!!!
Bye bye for now
Little jj
ps::: Some 'Aviator Blue' Kinn Jones coming very soon!!!! And just to let you know they are supa cute!!!!

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