Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm so so proud..

That i finally gots around to finishing at least one thing!!! ...well 2.....::Giggle.

I'd had these bujettas cut out for a while, i just needed to stitch them up, and i thought i'd make em a bit more exciting by making the inside an ocean teal, instead of an all grassy green wallet. I love love love making budget wallets coz each time i learn something new, get a little faster and a lil more perfect::giggle!!! And i thought, just this once i would try NOT to do something in florals(i just can't seem to get away from them - i'm addicted! Work in them all day and sew in them all night) and well i think its a nice change anyways... simple and clean yet still remaining kitschy koo koo!!

This fresh lil guy is called 'Surf + Turf' can get to know him a little better here::

how do you like Alfred's curtain??

With a hint of CITRON(still loving that colour!)

g And i just love this photo...coz you get to see a bit more of the HeadQuarters!! I'm thinking i might have to take my photo sessions indoors again...after all my outdoor photo shananagans

Bye bye for now

Lil jj

lesson 236 in life:: When feeling overwhelmed in life.......learn to delegate!!!!


  1. Heh heh, 'surf + turf' is very Australian ;) They're gorgeous! And I can't wait to peek a bit more into your studio ...