Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day of the Red

Oh so yesterday i gots home from the HQ and i logged onto etsy (like a true addict does)..................and guess what?.........Sparky was on the FRONT PAGE!!!! Although i gots to say that these days they change the front page on Etsy every 10 mins it seems like:: so really who knows how many peeps saw it! I kinda had a feeling this collection of 'Canada Day' goodies would make it - everything just looks so deliciously red, so Thank You to the loverly Etsian who made up this Treasury list.
Speaking of Canada Day (which is the 1st of July...this friday coming actually), not only do we get the day off work - YIPPY.... its me and my sweet things 1st anniversary. We could never really pin down the exact date that we 'officially' became boyfriend and we decided to pick the day that the fire works light up the summer nights sky to be.........well the perfect date (and an easy one to remember!)

Anyways enough of that mushy stuff and onto some other Sparky goodness

I'd like to say that my HQ is ORGANIZED CHAOS.....sometimes, so much so that some spaces really look like peaces of artwork..............i haven't quite captured this shot properly yet...but i'm getting there

And here is what i'm working on at the moment..........2 'HotPants Cherry' Busy Jones. I've been saving this supa vintage red cherry tablecloth for just the right occasion..........and gots to say they are working out quite nicely!

Cherry, reds and hot pinks make for one hot lil number...and i have changed the design of the pockets-which i'm really really excited about coz i had a brainwave one night on how to make one pocket turn into 3!!! I KNOW ITS CRAZY!!!!

LIFE LESSON 489:: Always remember to close/lock the back of your SUV properly, as when turning a corner, it could suddenly release/open and out of your vehicle could tumble your gumboots and your DOG!!! No Joke i was driving behind this lady....and her dog fell out and commando rolled out of the situation....border collies are quite the agile creature!

Bye for now lil jj

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