Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buttons and Belts

Well i have a little obsession with buttons....so much so that i always need more, i never seem to have the right button for the job - so i always end up scooting out for some halfway thru production. BUT the thing is a have tins of em....the real story is, i just need an excuse to go for a quick shop and an escape from the HQ for a few mins.
So those days are over...i am going to make do with what i have and use all those funkilicious vintage buttons i have been storing for a rainy day!! (Coz really, if i died who would end up with my cool buttons?? Yeppers they would be sent off to the place i got em, and then some poor sucker like myself would snap em up and store them for a rainy day!)

And my favourite girly frou frou thing to make.....the O.B jones obi belt, i just love em, i think i must have been japanese in a former life, as i could live on sushi, rice and kimono fabric(actually i have some kimono fabric that i ordered from Japan, that is just waiting to be made into some cool accessories one day - Oh o o an idea just popped into my head better write it down quick!)
Anyways i decided to have a SALE on them coz i just love em and i want you guys to TOO!!
Have a look see and a gander here::

And one last thing....which out of all my Sparky Jones photos do you like or attracted to most?? I am really trying to find the perfect Sparky back drop that i can stick with, but i just don't know what other peeps look for?? (so you can check out my SOLD items in my Etsy shop too, coz i have had a few different themes/backdrops!)

Bye bye for now lil jj

Life Lesson 423:: take naps!!! Its okay to!!


  1. Your studio shots are tantalising ... and everyone loves to see the maker too ;)

  2. I love buttons too! Wow, just checked out your shop. That Melon delight is amazing! Never seen anything like it! I love the outdoor old wood structure for a backdrop.