Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yeppers its that time of year again - MY BIRTHDAY!!!! for most peeps its a day, but for me...i like to turn it into a birthday week...and when that week passes...i like to turn it into a birthday month!!! Thats right a whole month of treating myself, getting spoilt and therefore 'high vibin' - sounds pretty good hey!!
Anyways, as i might have mentioned before, lots of things are happening over here at the Sparky HQ's....i'm working on some new products, looking at new avenues for Sparky and revampin the ol' boring Business plan - so that Sparky can go from plain great absolutely Fantabulous.
And to make a start on that...and considering its my BIRTHDAY month....i thought i might check out this BigCartel that everyone is talking about - open a shop - and then post one product a day, in that shop for a supa dupa spectacular price...for THE whole month!!
so say hello to DAY ONE::
an OOAK upcycled 'Citrus + Stone' Waste Wonderful wallet

she is made of 3 gorgeous textures.....wool, silk + canvas, and one totally kitschy-delicious dried apricot coloured button
Mmmm a chocolatey tweedy back
the inside has a pocket made from a Sparky Jones label, to hold your numerous library cards(giggle) + the rest of the wallet can hold ya girlie neccessities.

So remember to look in my new 'BigCartel' SHOP everyday for some nice treats + yummy eye candy!!


Bye bye for now :: lil jj

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