Saturday, June 29, 2013


backdoor nook splash of red high gloss timeline chalkboard to do:: retro lighting my garden in a vase Well its actually a Project for your House, so I had to make it doubly special - 2 little ideas, big impact + for not much moola. I think I might have mentioned before that I have a huge love for chalkboards...well there was one wood panel in our house that annoyed the hell out of me. It seemed to be a wasted space + perfect for a super-sized chalkboard!!  My Mr was a little unsure of my idea - all he could see was a massive space for an extensive 'honey do' list!
Now the credit should really be going to Papa W (my daddio) + my Mr...they were the brawn behind it..but I was for sure the brains + the bossy ::giggle.
The second project...our ikea cabinet got Sparky-fied. I just felt that nook needed a splash of colour to brighten the mood. Of course I couldn't find red knobs, so I bought white ones (always a good idea not to use the originals) + a spritz of high gloss red paint later ~ perfect! Can always change up the colour next season too!
Materials needed::
- sheet of MDF board cut to size (we decided not to paint the original, just incase we move one day..I can put it on the roof racks + take it with me:: giggle!
- chalkboard paint
- paint roller
 - 2 x brackets (its screwed into the top, so you can't see where its secured)
- 4 knobs (if you can't find the colour you want straight up)
- can of high gloss red paint

Photos ::
1. Our new + improved back.door.nook...I finally christened the chalkboard with the adventure timeline.
2. the spruced up ikea cabinet
3. high gloss red - my newest colour crush. Lucky there is nearly a full can left ;)
4. The adventure timeline - just to keep me in-check, things may change a touch a long the way + yes we  will be open for biz in October....just hoping to really be in full swing by November.
5. Have to cram a 'to do' list everywhere I can
6. The coolest retro light + it came with the house!
7. Well my garden looks a lot prettier in the vase than outside! Thats this weekends chore (tidy the jungle)

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