Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Chalkboard + a List

Well truth be known..i’m a list writer.  Yep i’m a girl that needs a list + goals to function, otherwise I get the 'blahs'  + thats when those nasty blues can start nibbling at my toes.   So i’ve been working on my list of things that i simply must achieve...for Sparky Jones to be sustainable.

Writing down this list is KEY!!!
(yikes – i’m really putting out there...this means i really have to do it :: eyes shut, here goes!)
They are in no particular order.... except for #1  ;)

Some of these are for a giggle 'having fun' is on the list!




  1. have nice shoes, meet new people, take holidays, inspire...well basically all of it.
    nice list, Sparky.

    1. That was the narrowed down version too!! :)!!
      Nice catching up with you ladies the other day!