Friday, June 21, 2013

Salt Spring Island getaway

shutter speed + trains chillin on deck por tholes dreamy island home little shacks amazing sunsets chilling on the porch Well just a hop, skip + a jump away, is Salt Spring Island...a beautiful little place made up of artisans,farmers + fisherfolks. It has the most beautiful character homes nestled within big big trees, funky cafes,and bustling with all walks of life who are definitely there to enjoy a slower pace of life. Everyone supports + enjoys the local produce and there is such a sense of community that kinda left us not wanting to leave in the end. But I'm pretty sure it will always be there + things won't be changing in a hurry :)

1. Trains in Canada go forever - making it great for me to practice with my shutter speed for my photography! the lefthand side is fast shutter speed(fast = everything in focus) + righthand side is slow shutter speed(really captures movement ~ think i love this mode!)
2. Lil Bea chillin on the ferry deck with her dad!!
3. Portholes - lovely view of old wooden doors + round windows
4. This is how I imagined Canada before I came here :)
5. All over Salt Spring Island are little shacks with fresh produce for sale :: eggs, flowers  + veggies.
6. Took sooo many photos of the sunsets! Every hour was more beautiful than the last!
7. Little babe is sleeping:: so me, the Mr + the kidlets are chilling on the porch, watching all the     fishing boats + float planes coming in for the day.

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