Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Rule of 3's

With running a business there are so many things to learn, some are supa dupa exciting + others...well  you wish you could turn back time!  So one thing i'm going to share with you is::
The Rule of  
When you are faced with a decision to make..... only allow yourself to research 3 different options.  Its a lil something I made up, after making some huge costly mistakes + a long term situation I couldn't get out of - yikes!  Its a fantabulous way to compare prices, get some insights to how that industry works + give you some choices with regards to fine print to see what works best for you. Its also a good rule that you can use it in all aspects of life really + its a great time-saver!
For example, at the moment I am looking into packaging options for some of my products.  There is literally so much out there, that I could spend/waste months looking into different options + end up feeling overwhelmed, and most likely achieving, well.... not much, except having too many ideas.  You kind of know what you want anyways, so listen to your tummy + pick out the 3 options that you are drawn to most (I've found I usually go back to the first or second option in the end anyways, so in the meantime, I've just wasted a whole bunch of time on things I don't really want!) 
Now back to my packaging, I've found 2 companies so far, that I think would work for what i'm wanting.  The first one is my dream packaging ~ awwwwww!  However the peeps are terrible at correspondence, (like it takes a month for a reply), so probably not the best idea to go with them if I want their product by a certain time.  The 2nd company is local, which I love - but you have to order in large quantities... which will hopefully come in handy later, but not in the start up (lesson 149:: best to start small.  Set yourself a budget you can realistically afford +  get creative!).  I do actually have the option of making the packaging myself ...just weighing out whats more important, my time or money ;)
Here are some great places to research packaging ideas ::
google image search is my bestfriend!

Anybody have some top notch packaging ideas or inspiration they would like to share??

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