Friday, June 14, 2013

Year of the Champion.

mint retro camera
Sweet lil print from Sweet Dreams and Honey

vintage threads Well there is so much to do + learn ~ that I thought it might be a great idea to pick one supa fun hobby a year that I could really delve into (other than sewing + fabric) that could also benefit my business (like a fun tax deduction I suppose!)  So this next year, is the year I want to 'become a Champion at Photography'.  The sport has really interested me for a long time now, so instead of feeling completely frustrated at how much my photos don't look like those peoples that inspire me....i'm actually going put that energy into learning! YipPy!!
So the adventure thickens ::  I have created a visual diary over at Flickr, as kinda of way to document the Sparky Jones journey + track my progress as a photographer wanna-be.  So definitely feel free to leave some feedback on my photos over there!!

ps:: just having some technical difficulties with the little flickr social icon on the homepage, should be popping up there soonish -

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