Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Motherly Advice.

Washing, washing, washing. How little people can create so much washing...i don't understand! Anyways a friend of mine had told me years ago, about how a Sunlight Soap bar is the best thing around, it can remove most stains that all those fancy stain removers can't ~ i think its called retro style :: giggle. So a bar of soap + eco lemon blossom baby wash are my tools of choice for my babe + prewashing all my fabrics used for Sparky Jones.
Now onto a little slice of funny:: after Bea was born, my Muma shared with me some motherly advice which i will pass onto you. She took me into the laundry, and informed me that being a Mum involves a lot of washing, and to never let it pile up too much, as it will be the death of me (a lil dramatic, but enough to scare me!) So even when i'm dog tired, i think of this funny lil story, whilst i load the machine::
The mood was dull, everyone was mulling around, quietly nattering whilst sipping their cups of tea  + nibbling on finger sandwiches.  Bernice spotted Mildred + Ethel, both wearing their Sunday bests, although one always does wear their finest to a funeral.  Bernice leaned in toward Mildred 'Well what an awful way to it true what people are saying?' Bernice was known around town as the local gossip.  Mildred + Ethel moved in closer, Ethel whispered ' well apparently she was there for a week before anyone found her' all of them gasped.  You see Jemima had died an awful death, she became trapped under 5 loads of washing, no one could hear her, they just assumed she had gone to the shops.  They only found her, as one tiny hand managed to break through the pile, at a last attempt for life + freedom.
Happy washing to you!

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