Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Well its getting towards that Christmasing Day, so i thought i'd do a couple o nice things to help take those last minute Christmas crazys away!
A) let you know about the suggested holiday shipping deadlines...so this means 'get those packages wrapped + to the PostOffice before these dates' !
Within Canada ~ 11th December
To the States ~ 9th December
All International destinations ~ 2nd December
(SJA ships from Canada.)

B) Well i thought i'd offer a deal on Betsy Jones earrings + Delia Jones brooches.  Why... well they are the bestest lil pressies for your besties/sistas, stocking stuffers + to diminish those awkward 'oh a gift for moi ?' moments...
Having a few lil gifts on hand, already packaged up sweetly is called 'Being prepared for those who you forgot about' ~ big smile!

Heres the delightful digits ::

Betsy Jones earrings
1 pair   ~ $14 ...
2 pairs  ~ $24 ...
3 pairs ~ $30 ...
Delia Jones brooches
1 set ~ $22...
2 sets ~ $36...
3 sets ~ $48...
shipping on any of the amounts above ::
Canada ~ $3.5o
U.S ~ $4.oo
International ~ $5.oo
(Did i mention that the new SJA packaging is absolutely gorgeous! a lil love note from Sparky Jones is secretly packaged in the Betsy Jones handmade box!)

C) I will be adding this sweet lil number (in a size Large) tonight in the SJA shoppe!

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