Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Humphred ~ the interior.

I truely believe that all things created (even us strange creatures) should be as wonderful on the inside as the outside!!
So using my trusty 'daydreaming of many pocket' ways, my sketchbook + my ever so loved brown Sakura pen.....i really put my mind to creating the ever so important interior!. Inspired heavily by concepts of Scandinavian design, much care and attention was paid to his utilitarian beauty - and by using something so pure + bright, brings out all that vivid vintage goodness...thus making me completely giddy! Mission accomplished!
Humphred's vitals::
One large magazine pocket, a smaller pocket for notebooks, a slender pocket for pens n' pencils + lastly...a nifty zippered pocket to secure any of your safe keepings. All made from a delicious thick natural cotton canvas.
By the way all trimmings + handmade bias binding... were handcrafted from a luscious red vintage tablecloth - oh lala.
NB:: it has recently come to my attention how many people have a love/obsession for a good quality brown pen! Like, i'm the kind of person that always has a few in stock, just incase of a crisis!
I came across the dreamy blog little brown pen a while back too (its changed names now...but tis still dreamy!)
Anyways i'm trying to put a few more things on the shelves at the SJA best get busying
au revoir


  1. Loving it Jem! Soph (aka Rachs friend from Canberra days) x

  2. Wow....Thanks Sophie + hello hello! Feel like i saw you a lifetime ago! anyways thanks for the support, looks like you are still as busy as ever with life and your fabulous Keep in touch!