Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stocking the shelves.

Well this is my lil suprise..i've been busy stocking the shelves of our tiny boutique ~YiPpY! I'm still organizing, fluffing, sprucing up + labelling goodies..so make sure to have a look-see often!   So i  had been keeping this splendiferous Mae Jones hat for a rainy day + many of you peeps on the intro-web...were saying...'well come on...giddy up + put them in your shoppe'!
 I have a couple of different hats for you, but i only have what i have, so there are only certain sizes in certain styles, and all will be final sales...so make sure to take the right measurements of your noggin!

S p a r k y   J o n e s   s i z e s ::
Small:: 21 1/2"(54.5cm) - 22” (56cm)
Medium::22 1/2”(57cm) - 23"(58.5cm)
Large:: 23 1/2”(61cm) - 24"(61cm)

N B :: It really is important with hats to take note of the sizes!!!!!

h o w   t o   m e a s u r e::: use a tape measure - or if you don’t have one, you can use a piece of string or cord......... wrap around your head, just over the ears.....not too tight though, you don’t want to give yourself a headache!!!! Then place the string against a ruler to find out your head circumference
The hat bases taper in to contour head shape, so they will fit if you are a little under these measurements!!!!

oh...+ don't forget there are some other lovely deals too

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