Monday, November 25, 2013


Hope everyone had a happy weekending!

The Mr is away at the moment, so Bea + i try our hardest to have a lil fun in between all that responsible boring stuff that has to get done. On saturday we headed out to Summerland to the Jingle + Mingle market, the cute lil I.O.O.F hall on Main St, was filled with inspiring Momma's in business, so there was quite the hustle + bustle  going on amongst the local banter + homemade chilli.
Around the corner is the very special Summerland thrift shop ~ it opens from 1 - 4pm and there is always a line of folks waiting for the 'open' sign to be flipped, so in we piled at 1:01...and i scored this sweet peachy japanesey fabric - not sure what its destined for yet, but it was too kitschy to pass up!

Sunday...well it was a balmy 0'c, but beautifully sunny (its been doomy, gloomy + in those awful minus digits), so out came the garden rake.....and i finally got to that Fall clean up, now that its November!  Was kinda of nice to be away from the computer + in the fresh air, especially as these sunny days won't be around for much longer.  I'm trying to work on my fa-doob-ba-dahs too (that flappy bit of old lady skin that now hangs from my upper arm..where muscle once lived!) and raking + sweeping are the best + cheapest workout for that lil dilema.

On the last happy lil babe was lying in her crib, looked up at me + said 'Mum'...she has been saying her form of the word for a while now, but this was the real deal...and yep it was in Australian!  Those little creatures sure can melt you in a flash + its only the beginning!  Since then she has said a different word everyday....makes one realize what words you use often! 'Whoa' was next in line :: giggle!

Well check back in tomorrow, i have some important news on the tip of my lips!

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