Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It got worse!!

Yep it got worse!! A couple o days before the Fabulous Finds show, i got hit with a tummy bug from another planet! Now that its over, i'm a touch thankful as my clothes are fitting a wee bit better...but at the time :: well, i was sure that the rest of my life was going to be spent at the toilet bowl!!
 And of course, these things always happen when the Mr is away ~ thankfully i have the bestest neighbours + besties that came to the rescue..they took care of my babe,fuzzy friends + made sure i had some food in my tummy.

Anyways all i'd love to do is sit down and read my new magazine + make some new goodies out of these scrumptious new finds...but alas this week is awfully busy :: photoshoots, etsy shop opening, + perhaps a local show on the weekend - it really is all happening, so it might understandably be a lil quieter around these parts in the next lil while.  I'll try and keep you posted with the bestest part of the adventures of course!

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