Friday, February 21, 2014

A Hello Photo shoot.

Well i've working really hard on my Sparky Product shots of late, and well i'm finally feeling satisfied!(this is a very hard thing to achieve for moi!) What did i do...well totally simplified. 

My creative brain always has a million ideas of what i'm going to do, then i look around on the web...+ get more ideas and i end up in a jumbled mess and don't know where to start. So how did i come up with this highly effective look? had seen a yummy Anthropologie advertisement :: just a girl, in a dress with a grey backdrop + i the colours just pop + the lightbulb came on! Conveniently we actually have a somewhat grey room with a big window + there isn't really direct sun but a lot of light, which is perfectly fantabulous. So i gave it a go, with a lot of trial + error, and i'm hap hap happy with the results. 
I just put a this lil Hello Jones in our etsy shoppe, so take note of the beautiful photos!

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