Monday, February 17, 2014

Around here.

Hello hello, happy mondaying!
Well i have started to add a some delicious Sparky Jones nogginware to the shoppe!  I wanted to revise the pattern for a while now,  as some things were starting to annoy me greatly ~ so after a bit of tinkering... i'm totally smitten!

Now the prices of Sparky Jones hats have increased, yes that is correct! Each hat style will be increasing by $25 due the fact that i have crunched a lot of numbers over the past while and taking into account the pricing dilemma + well to be honest...things hadn't been  adding up very well!

But with that being said, Sparky Jones hats are 150% unique accessories that have been lovingly designed by moi + handcrafted(pre washed, deconstructed + thoughtfully reconstructed) from vintage and preloved goodness....+ with the added bonus of being built to be your longtime best friend  (fast fashion need not apply ::giggle!).
And because you guys are pretty fantabulous, there is free shipping on hats for the last few days of February, so head on over to the shoppe

Anyways one of my goals for 2014 was to create a  newsletter, not one of those spamming things that you wished you'd never signed up for, as your mailbox is currently full.  But for all you special peeps out there that have been supporting Sparky Jones over the years.  I'll be letting you know bi-monthly of the newly designed, hot of the press goods that will be coming soon, perhaps a bit of gossip + of course..a top notch discount or two.  So if you are interested, feel free sign up over here ::

Exciting businessing adventures are on the way!  

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