Friday, February 28, 2014

Made it to MAKE IT!

Make It Show in Edmonton, Alberta
Well the last 24 hours i think has been the craziest of my life (minus that whole childbirth thingy!) I'm pretty sure it all started... with my first official wholesale order, then moved on to being a nominee  at the 1st Annual Penticton & District Arts Awards which all went down last night (fun night, lots of deserving creative peeps + cute community oomph)...and finished with the bestest email, which started a lil something like this ::

This is just a friendly 'lil email with some exciting news for ya. Would you like to hear it? Good.

Sooooo about that Make It shows you applied still want to come right? Great.


(i'm not joking, i just did a copy + fantabulous is that for an acceptance letter!)

There has been a lot of screaming + happy dancing going on in this place + not much sleep. I feel like a (tired) kid in a candy shop.  Honestly ever since i put my 2014 Sparky List out there for the world to see, good things have been happening, evolving + growing organically....which i think is how this businessing life is supposed to go.

Check back on Monday too...i've been busily working on some Top Secret shenanigans behind the scenes here, can't wait to tell you about it!

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