Friday, February 25, 2011

The new man in my life

Well i have some awesome news!!! There is a new man in my life.....and his name is Everett Leif and this cutiest lil guy just had his one week old birthday!! (i'd just like to prediction of a baby boy was right - Thank you and goodnight!) And the proud new parents are my bestest friends...who i think are just going to be the most chillaxed parents ever....they make me laugh with their laidbackness, but gots to say its pretty refreshing!!!

So i got busy sewing and made this Mama Jones bag for them... i had seen this 'out there' leafy jungle printed fabric...and although i had to buy it new....i simply had to have it, coz i knew it would make the most funk-i-ma-fied Diaper bag.

And the backside is even cutier - This upcycled wooly check just adds to the kitschy!

And just coz it needed a bit more colour:::giggle.....the back pocket is a joyful rose colour

And i decided to change the inside a bit...thats the beauty of being your own boss, you can always spice things up and change things around. So the inside pocket is now MASSIVE and has elastic at the top to keep all your goodies in control. And i've been wanting to use this elastic forever -it reminds me of the elastic used in retro tighty whitey hells, why not use it as a bottle/coffee cup/water bottle holder!!!


so i did happen to make can see the other one
And here's a sneak peak of some goodies i'll be adding to the shop tomorrow!!!

Bye bye for now
little jj


  1. It's fabulous. You do really nice, clean work. I love the choice of fabric and coordinating fabrics.

  2. So pretty, if I were a mom I'd be all over that bag. As it is, no kiddos (thank heaven) but yeah, excellent job!

  3. Those are the cutest waste wonderfuls ever. If I could afford it right now I'd totally get my sister that diaper bag, too!