Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bye bye 243....hello.....

Well i had to say goodbye to 243!!! Which was kinda a weirdly sad day ::: i had a bit of a love hat relationship with that was so retro, but..... things were really starting to fall apart- so i took lots of photos to remind me of the good stuff!!!

I had planted this Winter Jasmine last year and it had just started to bloom when i moved(good sign i think + hello spring i say!!)

My once busy and packed to the roof studio - ahhhhh i looks so naked and tidy:::giggle!!

and i think its always cool idea to leave something secretly behind - a kinda luck, peace and moving on i left this hanging in the

'fine china cabinent'

Those stinky boys probably won't even notice it!

And this was the colour i WAS going to paint the HQ's.......but after i did a quick photo in my painting grubbies...i decided that perhaps 'i wasn't as bold as the lady behind the paint counter told me i was' lasted a day!!! There was no way i was going to be able to work with that all day without getting a headache and wanting to run outside for the open sky


here's a little sneak peek of the colour that is totally MOI!!!

It funny coz there i was sewing away stressing about what colour to paint after the fluoro disaster - when i looked at a spool of thread and i i love that colour

AND whammo....that was it, off i went to the paint shop!!!

Ummmm so this a snippet of the next batch of Kepp Jones hats...called 'Magnolia Bliss'....they have a lighter feel to them, to bring in the spring....and are based on the colours of the beautiful Magnolia that are coming into bloom

and the picture???

Ain't it just the coolest bit of kitschy koo koo you've ever seen....picked it up for a real deal whilst rummaging for fabrics!!.....My new HQ is not just going to be a workplace.....its going to be comfortably me!!

Bye bye for now

little jj

lesson 536 in life::: ummmm if you are going to eat cheesecake everynight before you tuck yourself prepared to buy bigger jeans!!!! Another pair of jeans....busted!!!!

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  1. Good luck in your new place, Love the kitsch picture and the snippet of hat, I want one of your hats some day! Love them!