Tuesday, April 12, 2011

where to start??

well sorry kids about the MIA manoeuvre....there just was WAAY too much going on!! But i'm all moved in now - the headquarters still needs a little work, but i now have the exact colour that i dreamt of, and my workspace is getting its vibe back (i couldn't find things for a while there or my hand was reaching to the wrong tool or i was tripping over stuff, mostly my own feet)

It was actually really great to get myself organized...like start with a fresh slate...which i gots to say is THE bonus of moving!!! I got my machines tuned up, got myself a trusty bookeeper...and actually threw out some of my clutter.....and worked on some new designs ::: which i guess didn't leave me too much time or energy to blog(or make any money for that matter...but sometimes you just gots to do what you gots to do right!!!!)

But i'm back and ready for a supa fun season of creating eco - accessories!!!!</

And i'm also supa excited....because i have a PHOTOgRAPHER....by the name of Kailey :::

She did a fantabulous job, considering it was a cold day, i had a serious case of pms(thus meaning i was a complete nutcase!) and we got a little bit silly!!

here is the first batch of spring time Milly Jones headbands..

the New + Redesigned O.B Jones obi belt........

I'll give you a bit more of an update on those lil cuties tomorrow...but you can see some in the shop


bye bye for now

little jj

ps:: tomorrow is wednesday....and wednesday is officially going to be 'P.R.O.T.O' wednesday ::: what is that you ask??? well guess you'll have to stop by to get the scoop - oh so cheeky!!!

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