Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Swan......

I just watched the movie 'Black Swan'

last night...lil bizarre ::: but it totally reminded me of my sista!!(Not coz she is deranged in anyway::giggle...but because she used to be a Ballerina!!)

In every way she is my complete opposite curvy blonde, blue eyes, short straight hair and used to wear point shoes for a living......Me on the otherhand:: could seriously pass for an Italian...and instead of point shoes i wore steel caps!!!

I didn't see her much when we were growing up, she went to ballet straight after school and weekends..but i do remember being totally grossed out by her beaten up ballet feet!!

So whilst i was watching the movie, it brought back all the memories of my dad snorring thru every concert, my brother and i having tantrums about going to see yet another ballet....but then the minute my sista would come on heart would race and i wouldn't be able to take my eyes off proud that she was my 'famous' girly girl sista in a tutu!!!

This is my favourite photo of her...this is the coastline just south of where she lives!!!!)

So what better bit of SpaRkyness to tell you about than these frou frou lacey lil numbers!

(Yes i have posted them before....but i am seriously in love with them!!!)

'Apricot delight'


A while back i had picked up this red tablecloth and it had this kitschy fuschia lace trim all around it and i had been dying to use it for ages.....when the idea for these wristlets popped into my head!!! All of the fabrics in these characters were from my waste basket, which i think is pretty nifty....and then i padded them up with a woolen blanket that i had washed and felted (on purpose) so they are deliciously thick and supa sturdy!!
what i love doing most when designing my Waste Wonderful Wristlets, is making the inside a total they are almost as way out as the outside!!
Bye bye for now lil jj
ps:: i must be the most turned out gardener there ever was!!!

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