Wednesday, April 13, 2011

P.R.O.T.O wednesday :::

So what the hell is P.R.O.T.O wednesday ???

Well Sparky Jones was a long time in the making....years i have actually made bag after bag after bag + hat after hat after hat....and the thing is i kept every single prototype along the way!!! So my recent move...i found some boxes...and what was in the boxes ::: but a huge collection of these goodies!!!!

And whats great about em' is that they are supa dupa unique and took me weeks to make, as i was starting from scratch, every stitch was ever so what i'm really trying to these special little guys are bomb proof!!!

This cute lil guy is ultra retro ::: with his minty hues, vintage labels

and odd buttons ...well he is a lot of fun lets just say!!! He has a tumeric zippered pocket in the back, and a floral pocket on the inside to match, whilst the cream handmade bias binding matches the kitschy cream and navy lining to a tea!!

The Front side - well that navy with geometric red + white pattern is probably the first bit of fabric i ever its pretty special (i have a tiny scrap of it left, and i just can't bear to use it, guess it reminds me of my crazy journey and how i got to where i am today!!)

Now that i have written all that ::: i think i want to keep him!!!

But alas i can't keep everything, and not now since i'm on a huge bender of getting organized and clutter free!!!

I'll be posting him in the shop this afternoon

Bye bye for now

Little jj

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  1. Love the bag Sparky, Great handwork, you rock on that sewing machine!