Saturday, April 30, 2011

The scoop on Lil May Jones

Well here she is....May Jones in the real and now available!!!

So most Sparky products are named after peeps i know that either have the same character that lies within that accessory...or they just have a really cool name::giggle! But this particular number has been named after a broad i know............She is stubbornly independent, thinks outside the box, is way too much fun, always deliciously dressed.......and without a doubt...a supa cutie...a real show stopper!

so all in was the perfect name.....and really what name doesn't go with 'Jones'!!!

The brim swoops across the face and buttons up to the side...kinda retro cloche style(which is a style i have always loved, but this i guess is my version of it!)
with the ever popular same same yet lil bit different coloured band
(And don't ya love the box!!! The beau and i found this really cool shop/garage on the side of the road that sells all vintage goods...i could have spent days n' dollars in there!!!!)

And the inside....mmmmmm comfortable snug coz of the jersey band!!!

I only have 2 in the shop, so for some more pics...look here::

NOw::: onto some different news.....the new Sparky Season has brought some new changes.....and well the long and the short of it is....a while back i read a blog post by Moop(one of my favs etsy shops/blogs to stalk) which you can here::

and for those who are in business i highly recommend the read!! got me to thinking and thinking and thinking. Many sleepless nights ahead!!!

Then i hired a bookkeeper/lifesaver to sort out the past year of my life - which really i should have done ages ago...i'm okay to admit that i'm the creative type not the organized numbers type!! But i'm getting better and thats my new goal for 2011.....And i guess when you actually do your taxes....YOU GET A HUGE REALITY CHECK!!!! All the numbers are starting to add up now and things are not quite as i thought!!! All the columns give you a snap shot of where everything is going and where you need to be going and where you want to be going and what kind of business you really want to be!!!

Now the changes are not because of a financial freak out lets get that straight....its can get a baseball cap from Walmart for $48!!! Its going to look like everyone elses, its going to fit okay and it was mass produced in a sweatshop for 50cents....And thats... not the Sparky standard!

It made me realize how unique my products actually are. i find the perfect upcycled trousers/fabrics,wash them up real good, snip n' stitch ever so carefully so you can see the details of its last life, triple stitch everything coz i'm totally AR and don't want my products to fall apart, make sure that each one is totally one of a kind, so that you won't walk down the street and see someone wearing the same thing..........everything is totally thought out and that takes time and passion............and i think that is a very cool thing/dream/standard/uniqueness(and i could keep writing things...but i better not...because i could really be coming across as being full of myself, and thats not really what i want you to think::giggle) to be able to offer peeps

bye bye for now

lil jj

ps:: i've been busy making can see on the side bar hey!!!

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