Saturday, April 16, 2011

okay here it is!!!

okay here is the story:::

(and no were totally way off!)

About a year and a half ago, i had broken up with the fella i had been dating for a few years, and i was not doing so good: i was pretty bummed out all round lets just say. I was like...well i'm in my 30's and my life seemed to be nothing like 'it was supposed to be', not like in the magazines, not like my friends and i certainly was no where near having the white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a golden retriever.

I loved my grown-up job, yeah i even liked my co-workers (there was this one that was a bit annoying tho! oh hi Danielle!) - but there was just something that was always missing!!

Thats when i said....F....K IT!!! You have one shot at life JJ, so you may aswell live your dream!! And who the hell cares that you don't have the white picket fence anyways?

No one except yourself is RIGHT!!!

So i made up 3 goals for myself:

1) really give my business a go, instead of just talking about it

2)make enough $ to be able to do what i want

3)have nice shoes!!

and with that...i gave up my job, caring what people thought and my pension/medical plan!!!

It hasn't been easy i gots to say...i've lost some important things along the way but i have also gained things that i wouldn't have otherwise (like you guys!!giggle)

So why is today, well yesterday so important???


We made it!!

I think i might add this totally shabby chic 'Rhubarb + Mint' Jemima Jones clutch to the shop tomorrow!!!

bye bye for now

little jj


  1. Well done and Congrats! I'm at that 'stop talking about it get on with it stage now too'..I'm scared! Eeek! But you have done so well and your right..

    *Woohoo* Congrats!!

  2. congrats on your 1st birthday!

  3. You are such an inspiration! It's wonderful that you're now reaping the benefits of all your hard work :)