Friday, October 21, 2011

Bernard + his corduroy trousers.

Bernard is a shortish man who loves corduroy much so, his lovely wife of 40 years has started to clean out his wardrobe of some of this corduroy goodness to make way for a her new trend.....DENIM! So a pair of his loverly deep Olive cords, were lovingly snipped + stitched to make this Cozy Mae Jones.
'Winter Greens' is her name...she's the colours on a cold wintery day on a misty moor - deep olives, stone greys and earthy khaki. All i could think of whilst i was making her was eating my Mama's famous zucchini soup(secret ingredient = bacon! Yummo!) horseriding and strolling in the hills of the brisk Irish landscape(not that i have ever been there...just seen it in the movies!)......truth be known i'm a bit of a daydreamer and have a tiny bit of an over-active imagination:::giggle!!!
Anyways you can check her out a bit more in the 'Fancy Pants' Nogginware in the shop!!
Bye bye for now
lil jj


  1. Love the hat. Very cool design and fabrics. Your hair looks great too!!

  2. Ooo, lovin' the sexy new look! :)