Thursday, October 6, 2011

He loves me....he loves me not...

I have been stitching away this week + getting back into entrepreneur mode. Just finished up some new wintery Mae Jones hats that are splendifiously cozy + currently cooking up a new batch of Kinn Jones ....that i think might just be called 'Beachside Bleu' a colour range of sand dunes, blue skies and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just plain ol beachy goodness!!!
And in the meantime...these cute lil guys called "BubbleGum + Broccoli' are in production. I'm working on some great ideas for the ever nearing festive season, to make life a bit more stress free + ummmmm fun!!!
So i snuck home at lunch, only to come across this:::

A fuzzy monster that lives in my abode, had decided to pick everything off the bookshelf and shred my belongings into pieces. At least he had the decency not to nibble on my photos, but he did find the Post impressionism quite tasty in my very expensive art history book . And he even managed to digest alot of information from my Canada Lonely Planet guide book!!!!

Now let me give you the list of items lost in the war with this Tyrant:

-2 pairs of sneakers

-3 maybe 4 pairs of flip flops

-3 printer cables

and then there is the outside......well at least i haven't had to waste time pruning this year.

So i figure he either...just really loves me so he needs to eat anything i touch , or he is secretly working on my demise, so that he my have my beau all to himself (and thats when he would snicker like shifty evil characters do in the cartoons)

On the flipside tho, it really has taught me to put things away after using them!!!

Bye bye for now

lil jj

ps: Did you guys hear that fantabulous speech from Steve Jobs :: what an totally amazing + down to earth kinda character! I'm going to have to listen to that speech everytime i have the Blah's.

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  1. Aw, cute Bubblegum & Broccoli!

    And do we get to see a pic of the naughty critter?