Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day Two of the Onslaught

Well it continued....I came home at lunch again to check up on the villain in question, only to find he had devoured my most favourite book of all time, parts of my nerdy plant bible and the Piece de resistance ::: a whole roll of toilet paper had decorated the crime scene, the living room and the bathroom and there was not one break in the roll to be found -
But i seriously thought, well he wouldn't be dumb enough to do it twice in a row, but now that i think about it, perhaps he was the smarter one!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Life at the headquarters is a lil more calming, so i have been busying quite effectively. I've found that if i have about 3 things on the go, its WAY more fun than ploding away at the one thing all day. So I decided today that i should call my coin purses 'Waste Wonders' coz they are just as wonderful as the 'Waste Wonderfuls' but just a lil more compact. I use mine for my few essential cards, sanity in a cup money( aka coffee)+ lipbalm

I put some vintage trim on the sides, coz i just so darn cute i had to use it somewhere...and its kinda practical could say, um attach them to a D ring in a fantabulous bag or something:::giggle

And a sneeky peeky of 'Winter Greens' that is looking out the window at the gloomy weather

Can't wait to write my next post!!!! I'm on an exciting new adventure called ' You worked hard to save lets spend!!' YiPpy for retail therapy....I FEEL ON TOP OF THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!!!!! Who says money can't buy you happiness...giggle!!

righto will be posting my new goodies throughout the week

bye bye for now

lil jj.

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  1. That hat looks gorgeous - love the colour scheme!
    My dogs have a leather fetish which has resulted in many a sad trip to the cobbler. Thankfully nothing was maimed that bad!
    Enjoy your therapy!