Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a quicky

A trip i mean!!! Thought we'd better make a quick dash to the woods before it gets too we headed across the border to do some campin' n spurging! Heading into the hills, on twisty logging roads, passing by lakes and rocky outcrops...we came upon this::: a huge landscape of a past wildfire. It was oddly beautiful and sooooooo serene due to the eerie silence. The only thing that seemed to be moving around was trucks....and lots of em'.
We couldn't figure out what was going on...these pick-up trucks just kept driving by.....UNTIL we realized, these guys were shooting the wildlife too- but they were wearing camo n' guns instead of a camera!!! Aparently Hunting Season in the U.S was officially OPEN! - what a fantabulous time to go camping::giggle

my 3 mischievious sidekicks (the little devil is dressed up in the cute white fluffy outfit!!)

We spent quite a bit of time in this cutsie lil town that was totally vintage everything - shops,signs, buildings, gas stations the lot:::and managed to buy some absolutely kitschy jewellery from a flee market for a steal!!(you'll get to see that in some upcoming photo shoots!)

Went for a bit of a cruise in the forest, stopped for some supper n' scenery by the lake - on high alert mind you sudden movements were made!!!

AND when need to treat yourself to a lil' MudPie and a boozy coffee RIGHT!

And check out the campsite....was such a beautiful morning, the air was still and fresh...and i was woken by the sound of gunfire!!! NO S**T!

But alas, the holiday had to end...and we had to come home, but a we are both a lil refreshed and ready for exciting new happenings.

bye bye for now

lil jj

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  1. Aaaaah, so that's the naughty puppy! Heh heh, cute ;)