Monday, October 31, 2011

The Box - part I of III...

I have 3 wonderful stories that all revolve around 'The Box'!!!
Part I:::
So a while back...i decided that it was time i needed to expand - to learn something new, re-energize the brain cells, take on a new goal, but in order to do so....i would need to go outside the BOX!! Outside the comfort zone + routine, and throw myself into.....something that really interests moi............

And that would be Photography!!

I've always wanted to better my skills in that department, but never had the guts (as i am in NO WAY at all tech savvy ) to take it to the next level
So i sucked it up + signed up for photoshop program at the local college, and i gots to say...i had a blast. The average age of peeps in the class was 70!!! So i buddied up with the other spring chicken in the class, sat up the back and stumbled my way through photoshop basics with a far bit of chit chatting + a lot of giggling!!
So next on my hit list of going outside the box...was finding a Sparky Model!(being stubbornly independant can waste alot of time i have realized!!) And funny enough I recently ran in to this loverly creative lady who has cut my hair once or twice in the past and was game for a bit of modelling !!
So we hit up the HQ's back alley for a bit of a Cosmopoliton feel....for the latest Kepp Jones:::

My most beautiful dress made this deep khaki beauty -all the industrial seamlines made the classiest lil Cosmopoliton Kepp Jones!! I used a yummy upcycled olive canvas that can be sneakily seen on the underside of the brim + flap on her side...and is finished up with...A MATCHING DEEP KHAKI BUTTON - but of course!!!!
The lining - well all i gots to say is it matches perfectly...and will fit comfortably snug!!
Adorned with organic + upcycled eco Sparky Jones labels....this lil number is going to be the favourite part of your day!!!! Bye bye for now
lil jj
Life Lesson 587:: When people know less about computers than you do...i can make you seem really smart- giggle!!

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