Monday, October 24, 2011

hot off the press...

So i happened to be running DANGEROUSLY low on my Sparky big labels...and i was all outta the delicious fabric that i had used previously. No biggy i thought, i'll just jump on the net and order some similar fabric, ummmmmm not so much!! I searched high and low for beige organic twill.....and its like one of those things you see everywheres until you supa dupa need it!!!
I ended up ordering some tan organic twill that was soooooooooooooo unbelieveably scrumptious when i got it............but it was more like WHITE!!! So i investigated low-impact the goods, dyed my yummy fabric ...a loverly shade of PEACH!!!!
So by this point...i'm really starting to sweat. WHAT DO I DO?? So what did i do...i went straight to my happy place:Value Village!
Rummaging through fabric makes me so unbelieveably happy, like a kid at christmas - i get all sorts of ideas, i see fabrics that would look great as a hat, oh that would make a nice bag yada yada, oh that would make awesome labels: LABELS....could you believe was the absolutely 'spot on' coloured fabric that was 100% cotton!!! So i whip it up, run to the cash registers, yelling 'i've finally got it..i got it did you hear me everybodies!-I'VE FOUND IT!!'
So here are all 282 of em, that the peeps at Zink Print whipped up for me in a jiffy. The eco inks worked a charm on my upcycled now all i have to do is get busy cutting and ironing them into the lil labels that are lovingly hand sewn into each Sparky character.......crisis averted!!!
bye bye for now
lil jj
life lesson 375:: never leave things until you have one left!!

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