Monday, October 14, 2013

The Businessing card.

The businessing card ~ love em, + what a splendiferous way to show off your new branding, wink wink!
I usually use GreenPrinterOnline, although i was wondering about Jukebox Print, but i have always deep down wanted to try out Moo, so as learning new things is on the list for 2013.... Moo won! Big smile!
Now i received my businessing cards in the mail a week or 2 back, got to say i love with whole experience of printing with Moo. Their website is fun,fun,fun...easy to use and they have way too many inspirational things on there :: as in...i wanted to order 100 different things! Its a great site to look around if you are stuck for ideas + to see what other cool peeps in the design world are up to aswell. Anyhoo i was very impressed as my shipment arrived before the due date, and all packaged up real cute like!
So have a look around + if you enter this wonderful code::
you'll get a nice + fancy 10% off your first order!
I'm going to try + design some postcards for Christmas, and then there is the 'Baby Thank You' cards i never got around too::giggle. At times i wonder who ever started that silly tradition(i'm thinking it must have been someone sans babe!)

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