Friday, October 4, 2013

Beatrix Betsy :: 11 Months

Well 11 + a bit! Was a beautiful fall day, so we stopped by the park, i had my camera + well i was lovin her outfit ::
She is quite the lil character these days, always laughing or chattering about something, busying  or movin about like a ninja.
She still has a light dusting of hair
i dress her in all wonderful colours as i don't believe you should settle for one(ie pink),
'What a cute lil guy you've got' is what i hear on a daily basis.
I politely say ' thankyou' her name is Beatrix!
4 lil teeth have finally shown up
the roly poly baby goodness is unfortunately going
but she is becoming more cuddly
But alas, along with all that wonderful learning comes.....'the learning'!
hello foodfights, throwing things + tantrums over who knows what!
All in all, still loving the job
I'll be telling you all about whats going on in October on Monday!

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