Thursday, October 10, 2013

hello branding!


Branding your biz, is I have to of the funnest parts of the job! Its like putting all the things that you absolutely love into basket + getting to create something that is truely special and unique (hopefully!) This is where your mood box can come in handy too!!
Sparky red, a 'touch of femininity' pink + vintage fashion inspiration, is what I put into my Sparky Jones basket...oh la la!  So so exciting, the only thing is...sometimes its hard to stick with what you have chosen, when there are so many possibilities +  wonderful ideas :: giggle!!

Anyways the key thing is to keep it consistent ~ that way peeps will recognize you from near + far...and hopefully get that comfy feeling....... just like when you see your Muma:: you always know what too expect! ahhhhhhh!.

Some businessing folks that inspire me in the branding department are ::

Miss Sue Eggen of the glittery goodness ::  Giant Dwarf

Miss Bre of the boho chic :: Scout + Catalogue

and my new time big crush :: Fleur + Dot
So throughout the month, we'll have to keep that basket close, as we'll be splendiferously branding everything~ YiPpY!

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