Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beatrix Betsy ~ 1 year old!!


Well i apologize for being somewhat MIA, but well...our lil Beanut just had her first Birthday week!!!(yikes shades of moi already!) I also realized that i have a new appreciation for all those full time bloggers out there...i'm pretty sure they are some kind of super humans, that eat superfoods + function on no sleep????
Anyways one year ago our baby girl entered our life, but it really did seemed like yesterday. Life has definitely taken some twists + turns, some parts have become harder, some parts i don't seem to care about anymore, some parts i care more about than i thought i would...but most of it, really is ~ a whole lotta fun! I don't think i've ever laughed so hard or felt so proud ~ acted like such a fool or wanted to squish(cuddle) something so much.   
So we ended up spending her real birthday up at Davison Orchards in Vernon, with Nanna + Poppi L, which ended up being a relaxing day filled with 'firsts'. First clown, first hotdog, first bday cake, first farm animals...you kinda forget how exciting all the silly little things are!
She really is becoming a little person now..she loves to say 'hi' to every person she sees(and won't stop until they say hi back), blows kisses to complete strangers, and she loves loves loves babies.  She is scarily independant, growls like a dog when she doesn't like something + hates getting dressed/changed...ggrrrrrrr!

Well now that my babe is a year old, i feel like my assignment is done.  I wanted to sort of document her first year in both pictures + what she was up to ~  but i'm sure there will be some posts of cute outfits here + there!

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