Monday, October 28, 2013

Curve Ball.

Yikes, getting sick was not in my impeccable Businessing Plan!! Sorry folks!!
We've had a pretty busy couple of months ~ family coming + going, 3 new little cousins have been born, the 1st birthday of our lil one, all whilst gearing up for the Businessing comeback + a couple of Christmas craft shows. And thats when it happened...some crazy kinda cooties took over my head!!!
 Yes'm i thought it was just a flu that would pass but ended up having to have a root canal on an ol root canal + am on some crazy anti-biotics to try + get rid of whatever is living in my noggin! Now the thing i've learned can really still function if you have a sore body part, but when its your head....well you really do need your brain:: giggle!!
Anyways this month has been a bit of a sha-mozzle, so i'm thinking perhaps i need another October!  At the moment i'm busy sewing up everything i need for the Fabulous Finds show i'm doing this weekend, so i'm hoping life will return a lil back to normal next week + we can get back on track....~ but then we have the Sparky Jones Granding Opening next week!! YiPpy + is it that time already!!!
sending you all a big heaping of healthy vibes!
ps:: thats some snippets of my Fall Aster - which is nearly finished its lovely display...which means..winter is truely upon us..Brrrr!!

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