Friday, February 11, 2011

The Winter Dorkies

Mmmmm i sure did have a fantabulous summer - dresses, skirts, onesies and i even wore all those things in my closet that i was 'going to maybe wear one day'...i just needed to:

a) not to be gardening everyday and not be covered in dirt!
b) have a lil more confidence
c)have the time to pick out a cute lil outfit!!

Everyday i did my hair all fancy, put 'my face on' and felt girly great- a-licious

and then winter came!!!!

Sparky Jones was really taking off - i had less time for outfits, no time for shopping and it sure was easy to slap on a cap and get going.
My current outfit: thread covered yoga pants/jeans, a hoody, a Sparky trucker hat....and
a bit of face cream

I've managed to bust out of, rip and tear every pair of jeans i own, and the zip on my one and only pair of favourite olive green winter boots....just broke!!

basically i'm a fashion disaster case!!!

So i've been looking at to get some inspiration and ideas

love love love this oufit....or maybe it just the photo!!!!

But instead of looking cool...i've been on a roll and making lots of cool goodies,
i've just added these gorgy lil purses to the shop

And will be adding these 'rally racer greens' to the shop throughout the day

Bye bye for now
little jj

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  1. I'm with you! I love the idea of making an effort, but, today as with many days I am wearing my favourite ripped baggy jeans, a cute fitted t-shirt, no make-up and I haven't even brushed my hair. Real beauty is the all natural look ha ha! x