Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For a Birthday Girl

Okay so if you guys haven't checked out my friends photography totally should!! Every session Kailey takes...i'm like oh this is the best yet......and then she does another post....and i say to myself....'oh no, no i think this is the best yet'.....but like every art/creative form - you learn, grow and get better...............I particulary love one of her lastest blogs posts....everything just seems to compliment each other!!!

Anyways it was her birthday recently too (i just had to put that in there....just to span mine out a little longer::: giggle).....and she had received a Sparky Jones gift voucher!! So after much searching through shelves of fabric and online photos....'Peppermint Breeze' was the cute lil character for her!!!
Actually i'm thinking of starting a Flickr page so its easy to see a bit more of Sparky wares and what would be supa cool is to have a section for other peeps who are wearing Sparky goodies!! (i mean everyone must be a bit sick of seeing my head and body parts:::giggle)
and about my last rant.....yeppers i gave myself a good talking too....and i'm getting back on track!!!! Thanks for your support everybodies, it was really awesome to get all those words of encouragement!!!
bye bye for now
little jj


  1. Hi there! Yeah a flickr page showing people wearing your stuff would be great! I just read your last blog post..Your work is brilliant! And you get to be your own boss I t is so hard I know but really it's got to be worth it. My boyfriend works as a freelance camera man and does a lot of editing from home and I am guilty of asking him to pop to the post office or the the bank for me as I work full time. I really should be more aware that he's super busy too.
    I hope you have a good sparkly day!

  2. Good to hear you're back on track, we all need a rant now then :) A flickr group is a great idea...and lucky friend Peppermint Breeze looks fab.

  3. YAYYYYYY I LOVE IT!!!! and your so sweet for posting about me and being soooo kind. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY hat!!!