Monday, February 7, 2011

the weeks

Haven't the weeks just been flying!!!!
Well they have for moi and man have i ever been spoilt of late!!!
Its been my birthday recently...and being the brat that i am, it goes for the week before and the week after ::: giggle....and i even got to have a lil getaway weekend with my beau in the big beautiful city of Vancouver
We stayed downtown and even tho this monstrous bit of steel was the vista from our hotel room.............there was this odd beauty about it (i don't know if i really captured it in the photo!)

We stayed in a 'treat yourself to a great weekend' hotel, and went to this supa dupa cool cafe for a yummy Paella breakfast (i didn't want to seem like a total tourist, so i had to settle for a photo of the cute matches from the cafe.. instead of the cafe itself!)

And we ended up in this gorgeous area of the city on our last day......coz why??? Well my beau had a job interview............and really i don't think it would be too hard to live around these parts!!!
It was so lush and green, and there was even little waterfalls running besides peoples houses, did i say houses..i meant mansions.....and the best part about this has awesome parks to dawdle n'daydream the day away, the bestest donuts in the world....and 2 really cute lil shops that i can totally see Sparky Jones in!!!!
and then we had to come home to reality
luckily i had this to come home too......

bye bye for now
Little jj

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  1. Well that looked like a lovely get away, my birthday is this month also :)

    "Happy Birthday"