Tuesday, February 15, 2011

week of the 'Valentine'

Okay so i'm always a bit late on the uptake...like Valentines Day
to be honest with you, i was just really in the need of a lil boost...and red was just that bit of colour i needed!! I always find february is a bit tough month mentally and to make things even happier (thats sarcasm, bit hard to get that across in writing) it seems as if everyone i know, is having some kinda massive drama - perhaps its the weather this time of year giving everyone the BLAHS
I decided that this week will be the week of the Valentine, red and all things fun!!!!
starting with some 'Chuckles Red' Kinn Jones hats
(i love taking photos of my work space.....i think coz i love snooping into other peeps studios...and you actually realize how much effort goes into the making of things!)

and why not wear your cute lil number kinda Kooky

and as always - you gets to choose your buttons to adorn your hat!!!
bye bye for now
Little jj

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