Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its all about the Sequoia

Okay... so yes i did hit a bit a slump, everything just seemed to be getting on top of me - this getting older business i tells ya....its funny how you become more sure of yourself: its just everything else around you gets freaking crazy (when you were in your teens n' 20's - it was definitely the other way around:::giggle!! )
...but the SPARK is Back !!!
and stronger than ever, and thats why i decided to have a week of all things Sequoia.....a supa strong and sturdy tree that inspires me!!!

There are 2 of these Organic Upcycled Kepp Jones hats in the shop,

and i'll be posting these cute lil coin purses soonish!!
I love making these guys coz i use all the left over fabrics from my main projects and creatively stitch them onto the this deliciously scrumptious Organic Hemp Linen that i can only bare to cut up into little pieces coz i love it too much!!!

And later in the week...there will be some Sequoia wristlets and maybe a Diaper bag or a Busy Jones.
bye bye for now
Little jj
ok so my lesson in life today is::: instead of getting completely freaked out about how much you have to do(i'm a 'list' writer!)......just do a little bit everyday...and VOILA!!!! it gets done, instead of sitting on the procrastination pile!!!!


  1. Hey that is SOME TREE!!! (I just googled sequoia) I do have a very soft spot for trees...hence our 'Secret Enchanted Forest'.

    Thanks for sharing that bit of information, and the good advice about just doing a little bit everyday.
    The bit about getting older, becoming more sure of yourself. It's so true. And, damn it, so is the freaking crazy bit.

  2. Cute hats. It is lovely, the way you have combined those fabrics.

  3. Im in love with your wallets/purses... I just told my hubby... I NEED one ... lol