Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to make everyone happy?

Well it has come to my attention....that this heading/topic is absolutely unobtainable!! BUT then you can try sooooooooooooo hard to make everyone else happy....that you realize - the only person that is UNhappy is you!!

The hardest thing for me right now is on the personal side of things. I have to say that running my own business is the hardest most exhausting things that i have ever done - especially as it has been my dream for the longest time so.... a)a whole lotta passion goes into everyday + b)there is a huge amount of pressure you put on yourself to suceed + c) your brain is working 300km/minute, 24/7...and d) you don't ever have a reliable paycheque every 2 weeks to have $ to eat and heat your house..........then because of leaves little energy for personal relationships and somewhat of a life outside of work:::giggle!

So yes i have to say i'm not the bestest sista, daughter, friend, girlfriend, business person....but i'm trying and i'm on the biggest learning curve of my life and no..i haven't figured it all out yet!!

But what i have realized is that most peeps think that because i'm doing what i love and that i get to work from home + have my own schedule - that life is easy::: unfortunately this is not hair has alot more grey, my 'laughlines' are deepening, i have permabags under my eyes and somedays i sit at my machine and cry and wonder what i have got myself into!!! Everyday i have to get myself out of bed + pump myself up - i have to tell myself that what i create is fantabulous and that of course people will want to buy it. I have to be the marketer, the shipper, the boss, the worker, the errands girl, the orderer, the creator, and the above all the maker all in the one day....and then wake up and do it all again the next day and for six days in a that like the rest of society....i can pay my gas bill!!!

But what i really wish for is that people would respect that i actually have a job too - just like them!!....i wouldn't expect them to take the day off work for me, i wouldn't expect them to put take a few hours off from work so we could go out for coffee, i wouldn't expect them to answer my call to listen to my relationship matters whilst in work hours, i wouldn't drop by their office or call for an hour chat.......i just wouldn't..................and the most tiring thing is to constantly be assertive and hardball with people that you love - when they should be the ones that understand most!!

Bye bye for now
little jj


  1. Hi there, I just wanted to say that your hats are absolutely beautiful and if you are pursuing your dream then keep going.. working from home is a juggling act but it will be worth it in the end.. take it easy x

  2. I have had my own business for quite some time and I can tell you that if you are doing what you love it will get better. Just think, you dont have someone telling you when you can and cant use the bathroom, what time you can take a lunch break, whether you will or wont get a raise and so on . It is totally up to you.

    P.S. I think your hats are beautiful as well.

  3. I feel for you. I'm only starting out on my venture into creative entrepreneurship, and I know its going to be a hard road. Blogging alone is a difficult, time-consuming task. (I'm writing a post about you for my blog right now. I just took a moment off to read your latest post.) I just hope you don't give up, because your shop is amazing! You make such bright, lovely things.

  4. Looking at all your wonderful creations makes me happy :) I hope you can get the balance right soon and enjoy success and working for yourself.

  5. Your hats and bags are super cute. Hang in there :)

  6. You are super talented! I have always loved the cheerful tone of your posts. Making everyone aorund us happy is very difficult, and I have stopped trying to do it :) If I try satifying everyone else, I end up becoming so much more unhappy!

  7. I hope things get easier for you, and I love your stuff! Keep your chin up :)