Friday, November 4, 2011

OH NO!!!

Well i had signed up for this cool lil show a while back... only to have a week from hell this week!! I was trying not to let things get on top of me - but i guess i hit the wall. My car broke down, some supplies that i needed for the show got lost in mail, yada yada - i won't bore you with the i finally thought..well perhaps its best if i don't i'll probably end up crying on instead of selling myself to the customer::giggle.

I thought well i have a lot of extra goodies lying around the shop now...


Decided to take the downer and turn it into something Fantabulous!!!


I'll be adding some more goodies throughout the keep checking back in the store

I just added 2 of these most cutiest lil 'Bowling Green' Kepp Jones hats to the shop(i totally love this photo of jen!)and would you look at that...these lil caps match the Waste Wonderful wristlets!!::giggle!

bye bye for now-lil jj

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