Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Everybody loves a good Sale and well Black !!
So i have some great news....this week...for the ' Can't Make it to the Show' Sale....There are 4 Lil Black Hats for Super Duper Sale...yeppers $50 CAD a pop....which i'd like to say is 'Awesome!'
City Slicker Clifford had decided that he was sick of the rat race - that he should retire early..+ move to the country (just like in all those cool housey magazines that you love hating to read!) So a pair of his city slacks + former life are just waiting to be lovingly snipped and stitched into everyones favourite...Little.Black.Hat !!.

The other great news is:
a) Lil jj has decided to make everyones favourite Sparky hat a staple in the shop! YiPpy!

b) The lining on each batch of these hats- will be resplendently unique !!!So have a look see here:

Otherwise...will be back soon!!! Bye bye for now lil jj

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