Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulous findings

A while back, i was doing a market and this lady was seriously stocking up on some Sparky Betsy Jones naturally(being completely blunt as i am), i asked why she needed so many?? She replied...well these are the bestest lil stocking stuffers!!! Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to give you the most simple ideas!! So thanks a trillion random lady !! So i hunted thru my masses + yards of fabric, only to come to the conclusion that 'hey' what a splendiferous way to share my most favouritest fabrics.
So there are 9 designs to chose from::
+ rockin' retro - luscious red with embossed white polkadots
+ peachy keen - a silky checkered number in 2 shades of juicy peach
+ tangerine bliss - totally tactile + kitschy to spice up any outfit!
+ lemon merginue - yum yum yum, light + fluffy with a hint of citrus
+ avocado - healthy and lively , adorned with a lil red +
+ peppermint breeze - fresh swirls of teals, aqua and greens
+ cerulean blue - shades of the sky and mod like circles
+ choco latte - delicious hues of coffee, chocolate and crema
+ black knight - who wouldn't love going out on the town with a strong black knight

Mmmmmm Peppermint Breeze!
And another couple o things i wanted to share...was my fabulous finds!! Of course i was on the hunt for some corduroy for my latest batch of Kinn Jones hats....and i walked out with this completely kitschy koo koo number that i got for a complete steal.

And few yards of this delightful vintage blue fabric that is ABSOLUTELY perfect for the theme of my next batch of hats
bye bye for now:: lil jj

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