Monday, November 7, 2011

She's more than....

Well i'm sure you have all met this character...her name is 'Bujetta Jones'- i've always called her a wallet...but of late, i've realized she is WAY, way way more than that!!!

So what do i mean:: well to be honest, i've been using my Bujetta as my everything Clutch for ages. I go food shopping...she is in my bag, i go out for a night on the town...she's flying solo under my arm.....need to find that receipt from the beginning of the month, whilst applying lipstick, whilst buying a sanity sip(coffee)...she is always with me!

I'm sure you are taking in what i'm putting down by now::giggle
she's simply - not just a wallet. Now - i know its just a word...but this is infact HUGE!!!

I'd always been limiting her to the one category...when infact she falls into many!!! Clutch,wallet, organizer, holder of everything(girlie stuff, lipstick, note pads, cheque books, pens, cell phones, and most + plastic!))So the long and the short of it....she's a multi-tasker for the multi-tasker.....and she looks pretty fantabulous!!You can check one out here:: + will be making some more next week...fingers x'd (my theme next week has something to do with fall !!!!)

bye bye for now - lil jj

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